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Offering various services in film production as well as media education, with credentials that make him a great asset on any creative team.

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My name is Owen Beck.  Welcome to my website!  I am an accomplished film-maker and film-educator, recently returned from Cambodia to Perth, Western Australia, to finish writing a PhD thesis and begin a number of new creative projects from documentaries to feature films, cartoons to school curriculum.  I also offer various services in film production as well as media education.

My strong connection with the beautiful people and place of Cambodia inspires the name S'aat Nas (pronounced sah-art nah), which means very beautiful in the Khmer Language.  Cambodian people's fine-tuned sensitivity to aesthetic beauty can be seen in the ornate carvings of the spectacular temples of Angkor through to the delicate use and presentation of incense and lotus during Khmer traditional rituals and on to the intricate designs in make-up and nail art found in thousands of common market stalls across the country any day of the year.  Cambodian beauty in possibly its most captivating form, however, is found in the subtle gestures of Apsara dancers - the heavenly story-tellers - hence its place in the S'aat Nas Creative logo.

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