Curriculum Vitae

Owen and his wife, Jasmine, making films in Cambodia

Owen and his wife, Jasmine, making films in Cambodia

Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Owen Tinsley Beck

B.Media Hons (1st Class)
Grad Dip Ed (Secondary)
B.A. (Communications)
Ph.D (Murdoch)

Personal Details
Place of Residence - Perth, Western Australia
Date of Birth - 12 July, 1964
Place of Birth - Daru, Papua New Guinea
Marital Status - Married
Health - Excellent
Transport - Own car
Personal Interests - Film, education, community and positive social impact, ecological sustainability, travel (mostly developing countries), music, gardening, surfing and skateboarding.


I am an experienced Media Practitioner and Educator with many years experience and several awards to my name. I have also worked on a number of community projects, taught high-school English and taught English as a Second Language. I hold a Bachelor of Media with First Class Honours, a Graduate Diploma of Education, have TESOL qualifications and a Ph.D in film production with the National Academy of Screen and Sound (NASS - Murdoch University).

I have written high-school media curriculum and created online resources that facilitated students working at the highest standards – my students consistently winning awards for their production work. The community projects I have worked on were in Australia and South East Asia and am passionate about empowering and giving voice through the teaching and learning of media.

I recently migrated back to Australia with my Khmer wife and our children after six years working and living in Cambodia.

Educational Qualifications

-  Murdoch University –  Doctor of Philosophy (National Academy of Screen and Sound, Murdoch University)
-  Murdoch University – Bachelor of Media with Honours - 1st Class
-  Edith Cowan University – Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary Media and English)
-  Murdoch University - Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies (majoring in Media)

- Canning College - Completed TEE in 1991

-  Completed TAE40116 Certificate in Training and Assessment at Trainwest, Western Australia (January 2019).
-  Completed TITC (CELTA), 120 hours TEFL certificate at TEFL International (Phuket) TITCPKT159193 (November 2008)
-  AFTRS (Australian Film, Television and Radio School) short course in Production Management (Feb 1999)
-  One week intensive training in the use of RealViz - specialist software in San Francisco (April 2001)

Achievements, Awards, Activities

1 -  In 2014 I Wrote, Directed, Shot and Edited Bngvel, a Cambodian feature film in the Khmer language with English subtitles. Currently Bngvel is being translated into Thai and French. It was nominated for four West Australian Screen Awards, and won Best Direction Long-Form and Best Cinematography Long-FormBngvel was also selected for screening at the Zanzibar International Film Festival, the Cambodia International Film Festival, received an award at the World Film Awards and has been selected for screening at the Sexual Violence Research Initiative conference in South Africa.

2 -  Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort, which I designed, built and ran, won the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award 2013, putting us in the top 0.5% in terms of guest satisfaction.

3 -  I made made An Other Voice From Aceh – a short film documenting life in Aceh a year or so after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. (2006) (Winner of the Jury’s Award for Achievement in Production, nominated for Best Documentary – National Academy of Screen and Sound). This film was part of my Honours dissertation.

4 -  Used An Other Voice From Aceh to raise money to buy 270 bicycles for children in Meulaboh, Aceh, Post-tsunami. I delivered the bicycles on boxing-day 2006.

5 -  I organised a trip to Cambodia with 5 high school students to make a film for an Orphanage in October 2007.

6 -  I helped staff a school trip to China in April 2007.

7 -  I made a short documentary in Cambodia, used to raise awareness and funds for a humanitarian organization, in January 2007.

8 -  I designed and ran a community course, in the Brighton Estate (Butler, Western Australia), teaching teenagers how to make films in 2006.

9 -  I organized and participated in a weekly barbecue for homeless people and new refugee migrants in Perth, Western Australia; 2003 - 2007.

10 -  I was Executive Producer for A Cambodian Story – a short documentary made by my year eleven students (winner for Best Secondary Production at the West Australian Screen Awards 2007).

11 -  I organized a trip to Cambodia for my Media Production and Analysis (Year 11 Course of Study) students to make a documentary for an organisation that works with vulnerable women and children – A Cambodian Story. This film was used, very successfully, to raise awareness and funds and has now been translated into other languages (2006).

12 -  I helped staff a trip to Thailand with seventeen students in April 2005.

13 -  I coordinated two summer courses for high school students, introducing them principles of narrative film, documentary and music videos (1999 & 2000).

14 -  I was awarded Australian Sales Dealer of the Year For DraCo Nonlinear Workstations (1997/98).

15 -  I was voted Best Support and Preferred Dealer for media technology in Western Australia by the Australian Video Producers Association.

16 -  I edited and co-directed/produced/shot Don’t Waste My Time, nominated for Best Music Video at the WAMI awards 1997.

17 -  I co-wrote, directed/produced/shot/edited and performed in Terminal Sorrow, winner of Best Music Video at WA Film and Video Festival 1997.

18 -  I was creative consultant for Placebo, winner for Best Editing and nominated for Best Experimental Film and Best Documentary at WA Film and Video Festival 1997.

19 -  I wrote, directed, co-shot and co-edited Blossom, winner for Best Editing and nominated for Best Experimental Drama, Best Cinematography and Best Female Actor at the WA Film and Video Festival 1996.

20 -  I co-wrote/directed/produced/edited In The Can, winner of AFI Award (Australian Film Industry Awards) - Artist Services Student Film Award 1995.

21 -  I won the AV Communications Prize in Screen Production in 1995 (Murdoch University).

22 -  I made Buyers of Benetton, nominated for Best Music Video at WA Film and Video Festival 1995.

Employment History

July 2014 – Current - Tutoring in film at Murdoch University. Reporting to John McMullan

February 2012 – February 2017 - PhD candidate with National Academy of Screen and Sound Research Division, Murdoch University. I produced Bngvel, the Khmer feature film, as part of this research. Reporting to Dr Josko Petkovic

January 2009 – June 2014 - Self-employed, I designed, built and ran Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort in Cambodia

November and December 2008 - Taught English as a Second Language at the Australian Centre for Education in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

January 2007 – April 2008 - Employed at Lake Joondalup Baptist College as Media and Computer teacher

January 2002 – December 2006 - Ran the Media Department and taught Media and English at Swan Christian College. Over five years I built the Media Department, wrote curriculum, built web-sites to facilitate a degree of self-paced learning.

February 1997 – January 2002 - Self-employed, operating Central Editors

July 1996 - July 1997 - Murdoch University AV Technician

1992 – 1995 - Murdoch University Bachelor of Arts Degree

January 1987 - February 1992 -  Managing Director at Hideous Clothes (Perennial Holdings p/l)

January 1987 - January 1988 - Wetsuit designer and custom cutter at Westsuits, Western Australia

July 1986 - November 1986 -  Wetsuit designer and custom cutter at Aleeda Wetsuits, California

October 1983 - April 1986 - Wetsuit designer and custom cutter at Piping Hot Wetsuits, Torquay Victoria

Other Relevant Activities

I am currently in pre-production for a short film and writing a feature film based on the same characters.  I am also currently working on an assessment portal designed to streamline the marking of student work whilst making accuracy and moderation more reliable.  I so a little web design and management.

My recent efforts in Cambodia resulted in the creation of a very beautiful and very successful eco-resort. In Jasmine Valley, we housed and fed, educated and trained on the job, provided English classes and offered a positive future to impoverished young people who came to us very undereducated. Jasmine Valley was also a wonderful place to stay for travelers and expatriates alike.

Before my time in Cambodia, I was actively involved with homeless people, organizing and participating in a regular weekly barbecue. This was a casual ‘event’ where we engaged with those less fortunate than ourselves, learning from each other, respecting, caring, allowing them their dignity. I was also involved in assisting refugees to settle in Australia during this time, and they often joined us at the weekly barbecue.

In April 2006 I traveled to a town called Meulaboh, in Aceh, Indonesia. Here I spent time with Internally Displaced People who had lost all their material possessions as well as most or all of their family, as the Boxing Day Tsunami had hit their town hard. I documented the trip with video and completed two edits. I used the first version to raise awareness and funds, and delivered 270 bicycles to children in an IDP camp there, to help kids get to school. I used the second version as part of my Honours dissertation with Murdoch University.

In the 1980s and 1990s I was actively involved in the music industry. My role was somewhat managerial, but I also wrote lyrics and played bass – releasing a number of albums and touring the country.

Dr Josko Petkovic
Director of National Academy of Screen and Sound Murdoch University

Dr John McMullan
Academic Chair of Screen Production Murdoch University


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